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Here you can find information about our apps if you wish to talk about them in your media outlet, blog or social media channels. If you miss anything, send us a message and we’ll contact you directly.

About Money In, Money Out

What do the apps do?

Money In & Money Out present a simple way to handle your business incomes and expenses from your iPhone. They help you to log transactions super fast and store them with their receipts automatically on iCloud, ready to be shared with your accountant.

They make possible for you to handle the business on the go, so you can move away from the unefficient, paper-based approach of envelopes and spreadsheets.

The apps launched in 2016 in English in the App Store. Now they are also available in Spanish.

Who are they for?

For freelancers, self-employed and small business.

Why use them?

Superfast input: the apps learn from your usage and proactively suggest auto-fills so you can log your transactions in a few taps. 

Auto-currency conversion: All your foreign transactions are automatically converted to your businesses primary currency with life exchange rate data.

Repeating transactions: Any transaction can be made to repeat, which is a big time saver. 

Payment reminders: Get notified when payments are overdue.

Assisted submission: Submit in two taps your reports to your accountant in time and avoid post-deadline fees.

Accountant-friendly: Your reports are sent in CSV format, so your accountant can open them in which ever software they are using. This could save you up to 30% off your bill for your account.

Secure archive in iCloud Drive: Your incomes and expenses with their receipts are stored on your iPhone and your iCloud Drive, protected by Apple's FBI-proof 256-bit AES encryption.

Access and submit proof of your transactions to assist your accountant reconcile your receipts, they will be also crucial if you get a tax inspection!

Data portability: No data lock-in or proprietary formats. Move data using extensibility. Back-up to Files, Dropbox or Google Drive. 

QuickLinks & widgets: Allow you to log transactions or submit your report without opening the app first.

Accesible & inclusive: Support for Dynamic Type and VoiceOver and have been tested with colour blind and dyslexic users.

No subscription required (£1.99 each, £2.99 in a bundle).


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We’ve written an article on our experience translating our English-first apps to Spanish. As indie developers with very limited resources, we've managed to implement a localisation strategy that let us offer our iPhone apps in international App Stores without depreciating the user experience for other regional audiences.