Money In, Money Out


We understand your pain

The three of us launched Morphine Apps with a clear and ambitious goal: To reduce some of the pain that comes with independent working. We are confident we can help, because, as freelancers ourselves, we’ve experienced the goods and bads of flying solo.

Making a living outside the 9-to-5 cubicle is certainly rewarding, but let’s face it: running your own business can be expensive and time-consuming. We are challenged by uncertain income streams and concerns about lack of financial security. Tracking money in and out of the business is a nightmare, so many of us ignore the big elephant in the room until the end of the tax year. Then we run out of time and panic, opting to pay 30% on top of our accountant’s bill to get the bookkeeping done by their interns. If not willing to pay the extra, you end up spending long evenings (or what’s worse, weekends!) hunting receipts and invoices, filling out Excel spreadsheets and organising records in envelopes labeled by month. Sounds familiar?

So, after a few years of repeating this pattern, we started exploring ways to do this more efficiently.

Our approach

12 Months later, Money In and Money Out are the first siblings in the Morphine Apps family, and there are the result of an ongoing conversation with our target users: our fellow independent workers.

Thanks to initial research with freelancers, contractors and digital nomads, we confirmed that our experiences were shared by many others, and that something could be done about it. Interviews and prototype testing with independent workers let us explore early solutions with them, and iterate designs based on their feedback.

This ongoing conversation has given us a deep understanding of the pains involved with running your independent business, and a clear vision to tackle and solve this problem in the right way, moving away from what other bookkeeping apps and accountancy software solutions are currently offering.

With Money In and Money Out apps, we hope we help reducing the pain of bookkeeping your business.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning, get in touch if you want to know more about what we do at Morphine Apps.


Money In, Money Out

Your business incomes and expenses assistant.