Money In, Money Out


Good design is accessible

At Morphine Apps, we have the goal of making our apps as inclusive and accessible as possible, so any independent worker with an iPhone can do their incomes and expenses easily from Money In and Money Out apps.

It is lack of awareness that most commonly results in products being inaccessible. That's why we've tested regularly the apps with different types of independent workers, some of them with disabilities. Thanks to their feedback, we've been able to tackle the needs of different user types and the scenarios they face using our apps, and then improve some elements for clarity and efficiency.


  • Don't worry about the accountant jargon. Our apps speak plain English
  • You don't need instructions to use our apps. They are simple and easy to use. Doing your own bookkeeping is not overwhelming anymore
  • We always call things the same way: labels are clear and consistent, so you are in control of what's going on
  • The apps provide clear feedback (in plain English) of what's going on. You don't have to be a geek to use them
  • Content is legible, our apps support Dynamic Type so you can adjust to your preferred reading size from your iPhone Settings
  • The apps support Voice Over, you can access it from your iPhone Accessibility settings
  • We've removed some complexity from our initial labels to efficient support Voice Over across the apps
  • The apps provide alternative text for accessibility titles and labels
  • We've tested the app with colour blind independent workers and also tested with Colour Filters, no issue raised so far, but please get in touch with us if you have any feedback that can help us improving this


  • A network connection is not required to access and use the apps, so you can add expenses and incomes from anywhere, at any time
  • When using Voice Over, screen titles are announced first, so the user knows where they are inside the apps. For each screen, we've considered the most efficient way to announce the content displayed
  • Also, when using Voice Over, action sheets include accessibility titles to help users complete the task they were doing

The above is not a list of “accessibility features” we've included in our apps. The above hopefully means that different types of independent workers, with different access needs, can use our apps, in a similar amount of time and effort as others. That makes our apps inclusive and accessible, and we are proud of it.


Money In, Money Out

Your business incomes and expenses assistant.